Hollywood star Rosena Christiansen dies at the age of 71

A shocking news has come out from the Hollywood industry. Hollywood’s famous star Rosena Christiansen has passed away. Rosena was famous among the people for playing the role of Ewing Housekeeper Teresa on #Dallas from 1982 to 1991. According to the reports, the actress died last month on July 14 in Lancaster, California. Also, the information of Rosena’s death was shared by her husband Steven Rizzo in a report. However, Steven did not give any cause of death.

Talking about Rosena, he joined Dallas in the year 1982. After which she lived from its sixth season to the 14th and final season in the year 1991. She appeared in the entire 112 episodes of this series. Teresa was often seen with Tony Garcia’s Raul the Butler. It’s a different character who helped keep Ewings’ Southfork Ranch afloat.

This was his most popular character

On the work front, Christiansen played a maid in three episodes of The Jeffersons in 1981, before landing a role in CBS’s popular primetime show. Her character Carmen was hired by George and Louise Jefferson after Marla Gibbs moved to Florence, who left the series. Later, when Gibbs returned to the show, it lasted only four episodes.

Have also worked in TV

Christiansen was a TV artist who has TV credits including Matlock, CBS Summer Playhouse and A Year in the Life. In addition, she appeared in consecutive TV films This Is Kate Bennett and Temporary Madness from 1982 to 1985.

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