Chris Hemsworth is fighting a serious illness, will take leave from work

Chris Hemsworth: Hollywood’s popular actor Chris Hemsworth has a huge fan following. The actor has created a special place in everyone’s heart with his work. Meanwhile, a shocking news has come to the fore for the fans of Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth is planning to take a break from work and he is taking this decision not out of his pleasure but out of compulsion. The Hollywood star is facing a serious illness.

You heard it right, Chris Hemsworth has been fighting a serious illness for a long time. Now he has openly talked about his illness. When the doctors talked to the doctors about their illness, they came to know that it is a genetic disease. The doctor has told the actor that he has symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. After this news, the actor wants to pay special attention to his health. At the same time, the fans of Chris Hemsworth have also become very worried about his health.

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Looking at his health, Chris Hemsworth is planning to take a break from his projects. For some time, the actor wants a break from all professional responsibilities. The actor told during his interview that ‘his only concern is that he does not want to twist it and over-dramatize it. He is not giving up his work completely.

The actor further told that, ‘Something has triggered in his mind that he wants to take a break for some time. Since the end of the show, he has been busy in completing the things for which he had taken the contract. And now when he finishes his tour this week, he will go home and spend some time in peace. The actor says that he wants to spend some time with his family.

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