Brad Pitt Face Blindness: Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is suffering from face blindness, know what is this disease

Hollywood’s famous actor Brad Pitt has recently revealed in his interview with a major magazine that he has difficulty in remembering new people and recognizing their faces, especially in social events like parties. The actor told that his condition could be undiagnosed face blindness. The Hollywood actor said that no one believes him when he talks about his possible medical condition. According to Healthline, prosopagnosia ie face blindness is a type of brain disorder.

Due to this disorder, people are unable to recognize or differentiate faces. While some people are unable to differentiate between the faces of strangers due to face blindness, some may also find it difficult to recognize the faces of close ones. According to an estimate, about 2 percent of the general population may suffer from face blindness.

What could be the possible reasons

Prosopagnosia can cause abnormality, loss, or damage to a part of the brain – the fusiform gyrus. This part of the brain actually plays an important role in coordinating the nervous system that affects the memory and perception of faces. In addition, brain injury or certain neurodegenerative diseases can also lead to prosopagnosia.

At the same time, in some cases, face blindness can also be genetic in people. In this situation, this disorder can also occur in people as a congenital disorder.

As far as the brain disease autism is concerned, face blindness cannot always be considered as a standard symptom of it. But it is certain that people with autism are more likely to have it than the general population. A theory has also emerged that the lack of social development of autism patients may be due to face blindness.

It also needs to be known here that face blindness is not caused by poor eyesight or not being able to see properly, learning disabilities or memory loss. In face blindness, where the person is unable to recognize other faces, memory loss is associated with the problem of not being able to remember others.

What is the diagnosis of face blindness?

Benton Facial Recognition Test (BFRT) and Warrington Recognition Memory of Faces (RMF) – On the basis of these two tests the physician can evaluate possible face blindness. However, even on the basis of the scores obtained in these tests, face blindness cannot be confirmed immediately. One study found that irregular scores in these tests were not actually face blindness. In such a situation, the opinion of a doctor is of utmost importance.

There are many tests available online that claim to help identify face blindness. It is another matter that most of these are not valid and are not even correct. If you have any suspicion of having face blindness then it is better that you consult your doctor.

How face blindness can affect life

According to NHS UK, a person with prosopagnosia is unable to show social eating behavior, and avoids contact with others as much as possible. Because of this, he may suffer from social anxiety disorder. Due to which he is not able to get comfortable in social situations and starts cutting off from people. Such people quickly go into depression and may even fail to maintain relationships. Also, they may experience problems in their career as well.

It has been seen that some people with prosopagnosia often cannot read the facial expressions of others, cannot differentiate between their age and gender, and cannot even understand their staring eyes. It is quite possible that such people may not even recognize their face in the mirror or in pictures.

It has also been seen in people with prosopagnosia that they are unable to recognize not only the face but also other things, such as a place or even a car.

People with face blindness may also have trouble walking outside. They are unable to judge angles or distances and at the same time they find it difficult to remember the names of places or even important landmarks.

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