Actress Nickel Nichols said goodbye to the world at the age of 89, son Keel Johnson gave information

Hollywood’s famous artist and Star Trek actress Nickel Nichols has passed away. He has said goodbye to the world at the age of 89. It is reported that on Saturday, his son Keel Johnson shared the information about the death of the actress on Facebook. According to the information, the death of actress Nickel Nichols is being considered as a natural death. The entire industry is shocked by Nickel’s death. Also, his family has also been deeply shocked by the death of the actress.

Let us tell you that on Saturday, while sharing the information about the death of his mother Nickel Nichols, his son Keel Johnson shared a post. Posting via Facebook, Keel wrote, “Friends, fans, colleagues and the whole world, I am sorry to inform that last night my mother, Nickel Nichols, who had long illuminated your world for a long time, is no more with us. … He has died of natural causes.

See Keel Johnson’s post here

Keel Johnson's post

Keel Johnson’s post

Keel Johnson's post.

Keel Johnson’s post.

Kiel Johnson, posting from the social media handle of his mother Nickel Nichols, further wrote that I and our entire family appreciate and support your patience. Further, while requesting the fans of the actress, Kiel said, “I appeal to you people to understand our privacy for the time being and support her family and close ones.”

Keel Johnson's post...

Keel Johnson’s post..

Nickel Nichols’ son further wrote that, “She is not with us today but will always be in our mind. His shine will remain with us for many generations to come. She has lived her life very well and has prepared a model for us. ,

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