Your body temperature can increase with these healthy food, important things to know here

It is difficult to handle the heat in the summer season. To avoid the heat, we drink such foods or drinks, which refresh us and keep us cool. From chilled watermelon to cucumber salad kept in the fridge, our body remains cool from inside by eating all such things. But if we tell you that what you are eating as healthy food increases the temperature of your body, then you will probably be shocked to hear this.

Ayurveda experts Dr. R. P. Parashar According to this, there are some such foods, there are some such foods, which can increase the temperature of our body. Let us know about those foods which can increase the temperature of your body.


Ayurveda expert Dr. R. P. Parashar According to, millet is considered healthy food anyway. It has been kept in the category of millets but its effect is hot. If you are eating millet in the summer season, then eat it in limited quantity. Millet can increase your body temperature.

black pepper

Black pepper is also known as black gold. Black pepper is used in every Indian household. Black pepper, which enhances the taste of food, should not be eaten excessively in summer. Eating too much black pepper can spoil the body’s metabolism. Due to this the body temperature may increase. This can weaken the digestive fire and slow down the digestion process.


Ginger is generally considered beneficial. By the way, ginger is used more in the winter season. The effect of ginger is hot, due to which avoid eating it in the summer season. Especially for people with pitta dosha, excessive consumption of ginger during summer can increase pitta dosha. Apart from this, there may be heartburn, acidity or skin problems.

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