XBB.1.16 Variant: These people are at risk from this new variant of Omicron, this is how to save

Omicon New Variant: Influenza Of H3N2 virus in the country amidst the growing threat of corona patients I have started increasing once again. In the last 24 hours, 796 new cases have been registered. The number of active cases has crossed the figure of 5 thousand after four months. Meanwhile, a new sub-variant of the Omicron variant of Kovid has been introduced in the country. Scientists who tracked SARS Cove-2 say that the reason for the increase in Kovid cases in India XBB.1.16 Variant Is. According to scientists, this variant is a new subtype of Omicron’s sub-variant XBB. Because of this, the cases of Kovid are increasing in the country. According to cov SPECTRUM, which tracks the Kovid virus and its strains, the maximum number of cases of the XBB.1.16 variant are from Maharashtra and Gujarat. Apart from this, cases have also come up in Uttar Pradesh. Due to this new variant, the number of infected people is increasing.

Who are at risk?

MD Medicine and Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar explains that many sub-variants of the Omicron variant have come to the fore. In this episode itself, XBB.1.16 variant has also come due to mutation in the virus. Such variants will continue to come in the future as well, but there is nothing to worry about. However, people who already have a serious illness like AIDS, cancer or heart disease, then they have to take special precautions. In such people, there is a risk of severe symptoms due to Kovid. In such a situation, they have to defend themselves.

Influenza is also increasing concern

Along with covid virus, cases of influenza are also increasing in the country. So far 6 people have died due to this virus. What can be dangerous with the increasing infection of influenza with covid? In this regard, Dr. Kumar says that there is a risk of multi-infection, but it is very rare that a person gets infected with two viruses simultaneously. That’s why there is no need to panic. People are advised to defend themselves. Use mask and avoid living in crowded areas. read this also: Corona Case India: Corona cases increased among influenza, 796 new cases in last 24 hours

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