World sleep day: Sleep has connection with heart, heart diseases due to less sleep

World sleep day: usually Sleep There can be many reasons for not coming, but if you are not able to sleep properly for a long time, then you should contact your doctor. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi doctors have found in the survey that people who are not able to sleep properly. They heart disease And high bp falling prey to diseases like AIIMS in conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh cardiac department Professor of Dr Gautam Told that nowadays one of the major reasons for heart disease is not getting proper sleep. He said that it has come to know from most of the patients of heart disease that their sleep is not complete due to which they are falling prey to heart diseases.

People spend a major part of life in sleeping

Dr. Gautam told that we spend about one-third of our life in sleeping. Despite this, they are not able to get enough sleep regularly. This is the reason why this year around the world sleep day On (March 17, 2023) the theme of the World Sleep Society has been set by “Sleep is Essential for Health”.

people are sleeping less than ever

Dr. Gautam told that people are sleeping less due to many reasons all over the world. He said that nowadays the average sleep duration has decreased by about two hours. He told that The Center for disease control and prevention of US has termed less sleep as a kind of insufficient sleep epidemic. Like other countries of the world, this problem is increasing in India in recent times. The problem of not sleeping is about 33% to 50% of adults.

who needs how much sleep

Dr. Gautam explained that sleep requirements vary with age and individual. He said that if uninterrupted sleep is being accomplished with a regular bedtime, you feel refreshed in the morning and throughout the day and this is generally considered good.

If you sleep less then the risk of heart attack

Dr. Gautam told that people who sleep only 5 hours at night have 56 percent more risk of heart attack than those who sleep for 7 hours.

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