World Lung Cancer Day: The increasing trend of hookah among youth is as bad as cigarette smoking, it increases the risk of cancer

in India lung cancer The number of patients is increasing which is a matter of concern. According to an estimate, in the next 5 years in the country lung cancer More than 1 lakh new cases will come up. This cancer is more common in men (about 70 percent of lung cancer cases in men), but in the last decade, this cancer is increasing slowly in women as well. There can be many reasons for getting lung cancer, but its primary reason is cigarette smoking Which is responsible for 90 percent of its cases.

Some people believe that hookah smoking is a safe and social alternative to tobacco use and does not pose a health risk. Dr Vishesh Gumdal, Consultant Medical Oncologist, American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad, rubbished this information and said that smoking hookah is also injurious to health.

Like cigarettes, hookah also contains nicotine

Chemicals found in cigarette smoke are also found in hookah smoke. Dr. Gumdal said, “Hookahs have pipes that are used to smoke tobacco-containing mixtures, which are in many flavours. Huh. Air heated by charcoal passes through this mixture which then goes into a container filled with water and then the hookah smoker inhales the smoke using the mouthpiece mounted on the pipe.”

Although some people believe that smoking hookah is less toxic than smoking cigarettes, many studies have shown that many chemicals found in cigarette smoke are also found in hookah smoke. He said, “More than 50 carcinogens (cancer-causing factors) have been identified in hookah smoke. Like cigarettes, hookahs also contain nicotine, which causes addiction. In short, hookah is as bad as smoking a cigarette.”

Hookah is mainly used by the young generation

Vaping is completely banned in India since 2019. Although no national level law banning hookah has been made till date, while there is a lot of scientific evidence linking hookah with lung disorder and lung cancer.

Experts say that due to the western influence on our culture, the trend of hookah is increasing among the young generation. Commercially providing hookah service places are seen in large numbers around educational establishments in many metropolitan cities.

This trend is a matter of concern that hookah is mainly used by the youth of the country. Until hookah is banned, parents and guardians have to be vigilant about their children. Schools and other educational institutions should be encouraged to make their students aware about the harmful effects of hookah.

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