World Breastfeeding week: Wrong breastfeeding can make you a victim of these problems

Being a mother is a very pleasant feeling, but with it comes many responsibilities. After having a child, the mother has to take care of everything, but Feeding The Beast Special care has to be taken. Mother’s milk contains many important nutrients and the child is able to develop rapidly from them. Every year to explain the importance of breastfeeding world breastfeeding week is celebrated. Its period lasts from August 1 to August 7, in which women are told about important information related to breastfeeding.

Actually, even today most of the women are not aware of the important information related to it and they make many mistakes. Both mother and child have to bear the brunt of these mistakes. Here we are going to tell you about the problems caused due to mistakes related to breastfeeding. Learn about it…

Disadvantages of wrong way of breastfeeding

If you feed your baby and make any kind of mistakes in it, then you may have to face many problems. This not only harms the mother, but also affects the routine of the child. If the child will not be able to drink milk properly, then his stomach will not be filled and he will not be able to rest. Know the harm caused to the mother…

1. If the mother breastfeeds the baby in the wrong way, it can lead to sores on her nipples. Due to the sores there is a problem in feeding and because of the pain, the mother may avoid feeding the baby. Do not let this problem progress and get it treated by a doctor immediately.

2. If the sores formed on the nipple are not treated in time, then infection starts growing in it. Most of the mothers do not pay attention to this. They think that these wounds are normal and will heal. If the child feeds between the infections, then there may be an infection in his mouth. Most of the women are not aware of this big mistake.

3. Even if there is swelling in the breast, the woman starts feeling pain. Doctors call this a problem of mastitis, in which the pain increases greatly and the mother is unable to feed the child. Most of the women have this problem in the first three months after becoming a mother. Due to this problem in the breast, not only pain can also increase fever.

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