World Brain Day: Patients of diseases related to brain are increasing in the country, these are the symptoms

Neurological problems are increasing all over the world. brain diseases such as brain strokedementia, Alzheimer’s and brain tumor The number of patients is also increasing. Every year on 22 July to make people aware of these diseases. world brain day is celebrated. According to doctors, the brain is the most important part of our entire body. In such a situation, any disease related to the brain should not be taken lightly. If a patient has constant pain in the head, loss of memory, increase in the size of the head, if there is any head injury in an accident or there is a state of confusion, then all these are symptoms of brain diseases. In this case, treatment should be done immediately.

Senior Neurologist at Aakash Healthcare Hospital, Delhi Dr. Madhukar Bhardwaj Explain that the brain is the command center of the nervous system and enables thoughts, memory, movement and emotions through a complex task. Despite being one of the most important organs of the body, brain health is taken lightly in India. The number of neuro patients is increasing rapidly. There is also a lack of sufficient resources for its treatment.

Dr. Madhukar says that patients of any age group battling brain disorders require proper resources, care and a healthy lifestyle. For this, there should be information about all the diseases related to the brain.

There is a lack of awareness among the people

Senior neurologist Dr. RC Mishra says that on July 22, World Brain Day or World Brain Day will be celebrated all over the world. On this day, it is discussed globally to reduce the burden of brain disorders and awareness is also raised, so that people can be helped in dealing with brain diseases. However, there is still a large population that is not aware of neuro-related diseases. But it is very important to take care of mental health along with physical health. For this, if you see any symptoms of any type of brain disorder in the body, immediately consult the doctors.

There is a higher risk of brain tumor

Neurosurgeon Dr. Amit Acharya explains that all diseases of the brain are dangerous, but the cases of brain tumors are very high in this. If someone gets a severe headache as soon as he wakes up in the morning, there is trouble in speaking, then these are symptoms of brain tumor. In this situation, immediately after consulting the doctors, treatment should be started.

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