World AIDS Day: Why is World AIDS Day celebrated every year, know this year’s theme

every year on 1 December world AIDS Day is celebrated as AIDS is a disease caused by infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus ie HIV. This virus is transmitted by coming in contact with infected blood, semen and vaginal fluids. AIDS disease is still incurable. If caught in the grip of this disease, you will have to bear it for the rest of your life. Let us tell you that even today many types of misconceptions are spread about AIDS. In fact, this day is celebrated to spread awareness about AIDS.

What is the theme of the year 2022?

World AIDS Day 2022 has been marked under the theme of Equalize. Let us tell you that according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, World AIDS Day is an opportunity for every individual and community, in which they can remember and honor every person who lost their life due to this incurable disease all over the world. Is.

What is the history of this day?

Celebrating it started in 1988. Let us tell you that World AIDS Day was the first International Day for Global Health. Every year, UN agencies, governments and people run awareness on a special theme related to HIV. Many types of activities are also done on this day. Many people also wear red ribbons to support people suffering from this disease.

What is the treatment?

According to the reports of a survey, if a person’s body hiv aids If there is a virus of , then it can survive for about 3 years without medicines. But if a person is getting more health related problems due to AIDS, then without medicines he cannot survive for more than a year. Please tell that once the HIV virus reaches the body, it is impossible to remove it.

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