Women’s Health Day: One out of every 28 urban women has breast cancer… Know everything from its symptoms-causes to treatment in 7 questions and answers

Breast Cancer Explained in English: International Women’s Health Day on 28 May every year (Women’s Health Day) or International Day for the Action of Women’s Health, which aims to raise awareness about issues related to women’s health and their health, well-being and reproduction. Women must know about their health, how they can take care of themselves. Because they have the responsibility of the whole family. Women (WomenIf she falls ill, it affects the whole family. There are many such diseases, which slowly enter the body and cause a lot of damage later. Many such diseases are also fatal, which are not detected in the beginning and by the time it is detected, the disease has taken a serious form. The name of one such disease is breast cancer (Breast Cancer,

If breast cancer is detected at an early stage, then its treatment is very easy. Whereas this disease becomes serious when it is late. Talking about India, now it is the most common cancer among Indian women. It accounts for about 27 percent of all cancers in women. Talking about the recent facts, 1 in 28 women in urban India and 1 in every 60 women in rural India are at risk of breast cancer.TV9 Hindi Digital MS in Gyani and OBS in conversation with Dr. Shweta Patel Told a lot about breast cancer. Let us know about it in detail through 7 questions.

1. What is breast cancer and why does it happen?

Breast ie breast cancer is a medical condition of women in which breast cells start growing without any control. There are some common causes of breast cancer. It usually develops due to damage to DNA or genetic mutation. There is considerable damage to DNA due to exposure to high estrogen levels or inherited genetic disorders. Although the chance of death from breast cancer is only 1 percent, it can cause discomfort and other complications. To overcome this condition one must be aware of the early symptoms of breast cancer and seek medical help at the earliest.

2. What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

  1. Thick tissue or lump around the breast or armpit
  2. extreme and prolonged pain in the breast
  3. rash around the nipple
  4. change in breast size
  5. Discoloration or peeling of the skin around the breast or nipple

If you notice any discomfort or lump in your breast, consult a gynecologist without delay.

3. What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare or extreme condition where the cancer develops significantly and leads to red, swollen and tender breasts. It blocks some of the important skin vessels that cover the breasts. This usually leads to a rapid change in the appearance of the breasts and also causes heaviness. Such breast cancer requires immediate consultation with an oncologist, as there is a 41 per cent chance of breast cancer remaining 5 years after inflammation, which is much lower than in the primary stage of breast cancer.

4. What are the options available for breast cancer treatment in India?

Surgical treatment is a possible treatment and solution for breast cancer in India. However, depending on the condition of the individual patient, surgical treatment may be followed by chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy or targeted therapy.

5. Are there any side effects of breast cancer treatment?

The side effects of breast cancer treatment completely depend on the damage done to the healthy cells which is affected while getting rid of the cancer cells. Some common symptoms include:-

  1. loss of appetite
  2. nausea and vomiting
  3. weakness and fatigue
  4. mouth ulcers
  5. hair fall
  6. gaining weight
  7. early menopause
  8. high risk of infection
  9. bleeding
  10. Diarrhea

However, all these side effects can be cured by using proper medicines at the right time.

6. How can patients take care of themselves after treatment?

Some side effects of breast cancer subside within a week to two weeks, but some side effects may take several months or years to go away. However, all these can subside with time with proper care and following the doctor’s recommendations. However, it is important to note a few things.

  1. Do not leave the medicine under any circumstances.
  2. Visit your doctor at every appointment as per schedule.
  3. In case of any new symptoms consult your doctor immediately.
  4. Consider acupuncture, meditation, physical therapy and massage according to your individual medical conditions.

7. Are there difficulties in becoming a mother after breast cancer treatment?

Breast cancer can affect fertility in women in some specific cases. Sometimes, chemotherapy can damage the ovaries leading to immediate or delayed infertility. However, despite fertility issues, women can still conceive after breast cancer with the help of ART procedures like IVF or test tube baby procedure.

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