Winter Tips: Do not make this mistake while using room heater, art attack may come

In winter, heating the room with a blower or heater is a common need. From room heaters to many such products are available in the market, through which the room can be heated in minutes. To keep the body warm in winter, people sit for hours at a place where using a heater or blower is being done. The room heater may keep the body relaxed, but it also has many disadvantages. It is true that excess or excessive use of anything can cause harm.

In this article, we are going to tell you about one mistake related to room heater, which people often make and due to this there is a risk of suffering from heart attack or heart-related diseases. Learn about it…

This mistake related to room heater can cause heart attack

According to a news published in The Sun, keeping a room with a heater or blower closed for hours is dangerous for health. Professor Cath Noakes from the University of Leeds said, ‘Even though room heaters make people comfortable, it can cause many health problems’. He told that heating the room by closing the windows can be heavy for the body. According to Professor Kaith, the windows should be kept open while running the heater in the room, so that the ventilation remains. According to experts, if ventilation is maintained in the room, then not only heart attack but also diseases like chicken pox and TB can be avoided.

Keep these things in mind for ventilation

Professor Kaith says that people should be made aware of the important things related to the importance of ventilation.

Professor Cath also said that always after taking a shower, open the window of the house. Or if you are working in the kitchen, then keep a chimney or something running for ventilation during this too.

The heater starts using the oxygen present in the air rapidly and due to this there is a shortage of oxygen in the room. Due to its deficiency, people start having problems of suffocation, nausea and headache. In such a situation, it is important to take special care of ventilation while running the heater.

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