Why do people suddenly get angry, expert told this reason

In recent times people assault on security guards Incidents have come to the fore. One such recent case came in Cleo County Society of Sector 121, Noida. Where a female professor named Sutapa Das slapped the security guard of the housing society for delaying opening the gate. This incident is of 10 September. A case was registered against the professor and he was arrested. However, he got bail. Such incidents have been increasing for a long time. Experts say that the reason for getting more angry psychological problems May be.

Tv9 spoke to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Priyanka Srivastava about this. Dr. Priyanka told that one reason for this could also be that people themselves are suffering from some psychological problems. ‘Most such attackers live in posh societies. Perhaps they assume that the social status of the guards is weak, so there is no need to respect them.

The reason for this can also be high stress level or any mental health problem. It is also possible that they are struggling in professional and personal life and hence the frustration or frustration pours out on the vulnerable security guards. Such people should be counselled.

Why are people losing their temper?

Tv9 contacted a former secretary of the Residents Welfare Society to find out how RWAs deal with such cases.

Vashisht Sharma, two-time former secretary of Emerald Court RWA, Sector-93A, says that such incidents are increasing due to the importance of meaningless things.

He said, ‘People have to understand that there is a difference between a watchman and a security guard. There are security guards to ensure the safety of the residents. In order to do his job promptly, he has to stop people for scrutiny many times and this should be appreciated. Such incidents have happened in our society before. These are the cases of people who give too much importance to themselves.

Residents must follow the set rules

Vijay Kumar, SHO of Phase-3 police station, who investigated the woman professor’s case, told TV9 that the woman was booked under IPC section 323 (intentional hurt) and had expressed regret for her actions.

The SHO said, ‘He regretted his actions. We also called the security guard to the police station and assured that he will get justice so that he does not have any vengeance. We have completed our investigation and now it is up to the court what can be done next.

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