Weight Loss Tips: These Salad Recipes Will Help In Weight Loss, Must Try

These days many people are troubled by the problem of weight gain. This problem is often faced due to poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet. To control the increased weight, it is very important for you to exercise regularly and consume a healthy diet. To lose weight, you can choose many types of salads (Salad) can also be included in the diet. You can make many types of salads using fruits and vegetables. They are delicious as well as very healthy. Let’s find out how you can make these salad recipes at home.

cucumber salad

Consuming cucumber in summer is very beneficial for health. There is plenty of water in it. It contains about 90 percent water. For this, put finely chopped onion, tomato and cucumber in a bowl. Add radish and carrot to it as well. Add lemon juice, black pepper, mint chutney, cumin powder and rock salt on top of it. Mix it well. Now eat this delicious salad. It is also very healthy, as well as it helps in rapid weight loss.

Chickpea Salad

If you want to include food rich in protein in your diet, then you can include salad made from chickpeas in the diet. This salad is rich in protein. To make this salad, put finely chopped carrots, shalla peppers, boiled cauliflower and cheese cut into small pieces in a bowl. Now put boiled chickpeas in this bowl. Add salt, black pepper and some chili powder to it as per taste. Add a little olive oil to it. Toss it well. Add a little lemon juice to it. Toss it. Now serve it.

Rajma Salad

Rajma curry is popularly consumed with rice. If you have leftover kidney beans, then you can make salad out of it. To try this delicious and simple recipe, take half a cup of leftover kidney beans. Add finely chopped onions, tomatoes, cabbage and green onions to it. You can also add dry fruits like walnuts and peanuts to this salad. To enhance the taste, add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Mix it well. Now consume it.

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