Weight loss: Energy of 25 at the age of 63! This is how this doctor keeps himself young

Usually everyone wants to look young at every age, but this is not possible. One day the skin starts to look old. By the way, one can remain healthy even in old age, just for this healthy lifestyle It is necessary to do some hard work. One can be said to be healthy even at the age of above 60. An example of this is Mark Hyman, an American doctor who is very serious about his fitness. The proof of the doctor’s fit and fine look is his Instagram. Mark remains energetic even today at the age of 60. If you want to look fit at every age, then try to include Dr. Mark’s weight loss and healthy lifestyle tips in your routine today.

Protein. Protein in Diet

Dr. Mark says that at every age, we must eat those things in the diet which have the right amount of nutrients. You can drink shake for protein. Dr. says that apart from protein, we should also consume green vegetables and pulses to get other nutrients. There should be no shortage of nutrients in the body to remain energetic.

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Yoga . yoga routine

The importance of yoga has increased so much that today it is considered to be the cure for most diseases and health problems. Dr. Mark says that he likes to do yoga very much, because apart from strengthening the muscles, this method also calms the mind.

Sleep . Good Sleep Tips

Poor sleep routine works to make you old at an early age. Is it Dr. Mark that every expert says that we should get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Because lack of sleep affects the health of both skin and health. Sleeping reduces stress and skin looks healthy even in old age.

excercise . exercise routine

Dr. Mark believes that we must exercise at least 30 minutes a week. Energy remains by being physically fit or active. By the way, exercise should be done according to your age only on the advice of the expert. Today there are 50 plus, so follow this routine only under the supervision of experts. read this also: With these 5 workout moves of Virat Kohli, you too can look fit and fine.

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