Vaccination of 30 students with one syringe: Expert said, it is at risk of getting HIV, HCV

Madhya Pradesh On Wednesday, 30 students got the same in K Sagar. syringe The issue of vaccination came to the fore. The Sagar district administration has registered an FIR against Jitendra, who vaccinated, for violating the “one needle, one syringe, once” rule of the central government. It happened during a Kovid vaccination camp. Knowing that children were being vaccinated with the same syringe, parents objected to this.

Dr. Sanjeet Sasidharan, Consultant, Critical Care Head and Mahim-e Fortis Associate, SL Raheja Hospital said, ‘One needle, one syringe, one time’ rule is adopted all over the world as a precaution. This means a syringe should be used only once and this rule cannot be violated under any circumstances.”

Several disadvantages of using a syringe on more than one person

The disposable syringe is a one-time only use that has been in use since the outbreak of HIV in the 1990s. Re-use of syringes and/or needles is highly unsafe as there may be a high risk of blood-borne pathogen transmission.

Dr Sasidharan told TV9, “Using a syringe more than once has the highest potential for spreading infectious diseases. Reusing a needle or syringe can put patients at risk of contracting hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), and HIV.”

“These 30 students are at higher risk of developing necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria). Necrotizing fasciitis spreads quickly and aggressively in an infected person. This causes tissue death in and outside the infection site.”

Can be used on one patient only

Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) call for a drug labeled “single dose” or “single use” to be used on a single patient only. This practice saves patients from getting dangerous infections.

Syringe reuse can lead to the introduction of blood from one patient to another (either directly through a used syringe/needle or through a medicine container that may have been contaminated when a used needle or syringe is held goes),

Is there a shortage of syringes in the country?

The expert said, “No, there is absolutely no shortage of needles and syringes in India.” He said that it is a case of complete negligence and nothing else.

According to the report, Jitendra, who vaccinated, claimed that only one syringe was sent to him by the authorities and he was ordered by the “head of the department” to vaccinate all the children with it. In a video recorded by the parents of the students, Jitendra said that he did not know their names.

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