Two patients died in the country due to H3N2 virus, know from experts who is at risk

H3N2 Virus: At present, the H3N2 virus of influenza (flu) is spreading very fast in the country. Two patients have died in Haryana and Karnataka due to this virus. Influenza cases are increasing from Delhi-NCR to South India. In North India, cases of H3N2 are being reported from house to house. According to doctors, H3N2 is a subtype of influenza A, which has become very active this time. The samples of flu patients are coming in different labs across the country. Among them, 6 out of 10 cases are of H3N2 virus only. Due to H3N2 virus, people only complain of cough, cold and headache, but for some people it can also prove fatal. Since two patients have died, now one has to be alert. What is H3N2 virus and who can be at risk from it. To know this, we have talked to experts. They are at risk from H3N2 Dr. Deepak Suman of Safdarjung Hospital told Tv9 that H3A2 is a respiratory infection. That is, this virus can affect the lungs. Influenza can be fatal for those who are already suffering from some disease. Apart from this, there is a risk of death in children below 5 years, pregnant women and the elderly. H3A2 can cause severe symptoms in all of these people. If it attacks the lungs, then there is a danger of death in the elderly and children. If symptoms like cough and cold persist for more than five days in these high-risk people, then get treatment from a doctor immediately. Do not be careless in this matter at all. Flu vaccine will protect you Senior Physician and Pediatrician Dr. Arun Shah told Tv9 that the flu vaccine is very effective in preventing H3N2 virus. The flu vaccine creates antibodies in the body. Which can prevent flu. Especially those with weak immunity and children and the elderly must take the flu vaccine. This vaccine can be administered every year. The flu vaccine protects against seasonal infections. Anyone from a child above 6 months to the elderly can get this vaccine. Cases may increase further Dr. Shah believes that H3A2 can spread even more rapidly. The reason for this is that the weather is changing at this time. In such a situation, the virus is getting a chance to flourish. People are not even taking care of hand hygiene. Due to which the scope of the virus is increasing. Many experts, including Dr. Randeep Guleria, former director of AIIMS, have advised people to wear masks. However, at the ground level, people are not seen following the rules to prevent the virus. Because of which the cases are continuously increasing. In such a situation, it is important that along with getting the flu vaccine, people should take care of hand hygiene and go out wearing a mask. Also read: Is H3N2 virus spreading like Covid? Know the opinion of experts, read this also: Cold and flu are not just viral fever, it can also be Kovid or RSV infection, identify it like this

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