Tomato Flu: Tomato flu is rapidly infecting children, must know these symptoms

After Kerala, Tamil Nadu, now cases of tomato flu have also been reported in Odisha. Due to this there is also a fear that this flu can spread to many states. In such a situation, the areas where this flu is being found. Samples of infected children there are being sent to the lab for genome sequencing. At present, nothing is clear about Tomato Flu. Chikungunya is also believed to be a viral disease. According to doctors, this fever is infecting a large number of children and is occurring in children below five years of age.

However, no specific information is coming out about the causes and severity of its spread. However, there are some such symptoms (Symptoms Of Tomato Flu) from which tomato flu can be easily detected. Experts say that flu can be easily prevented by timely treatment. According to Dr. Meena J of Pediatrics Department of Aakash Hospital, Delhi, it is an infectious disease. The most common of its symptoms is fever. This fever can also be mild and severe. Apart from this, red colored grains come out on the skin, in which the substance may be filled. The problem of vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue is also being seen. In many cases, the hands and feet of children are also turning red.

If these symptoms are showing in the child, then the doctor should be consulted immediately. Also keep in mind that do not touch the grains that came out in the body of children and keep the infected child away from other children. Take care of cleanliness in the house. Give liquid diet to children and do not self-medicate in case of any fever.

Children’s digestive system is also affected

According to the World Health Organization, the digestive system of children is also being affected by the tomato flu. Especially children whose immunity is low, they are getting dehydration due to this flu and complaints of abdominal pain are also being seen. According to the organization, this disease is happening to children below five years of age. The reason for this is that these children have very low immunity against any kind of infection.

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