They can get pneumonia due to influenza, if you see these symptoms then get treated immediately.

Influenza Virus: The risk of subtype H3N2 of influenza virus is increasing all over the country. Two people have died in Karnataka and Haryana due to this virus. In view of this, the central government has also come on alert mode. NITI Aayog will also hold a meeting in this matter on Saturday. The current situation of the virus will be reviewed in the meeting. Meanwhile, doctors have also advised people to be cautious. Especially the elderly and those with weak immunity have been asked to take special precautions. Doctors say that the elderly and those with weak immunity may be at risk from influenza. There is also a risk of death in this group. This is because the body of these people is weak. Since influenza is a respiratory infection, it can also cause pneumonia in them. Pneumonia is a dangerous health condition. There is a shortage of oxygen General Physician Dr. Arun Shah told TV9 that due to pneumonia, infection occurs in the lungs. Due to this infection, there is a lack of oxygen in the body. Due to which there is difficulty in breathing. Death can also occur if treatment is not received on time. That’s why these people have to take special care of their health. If these high-risk people have cough, cold, fever, then they should go to the doctor immediately. If delayed, the infection can reach the lungs as well. Pay attention to these symptoms If cough or other symptoms of flu persist for more than two days, then treatment should not be delayed. Timely treatment can prevent the condition from becoming serious. These people are advised not to leave the house unnecessarily. If you are going for important work then wear a mask. Avoid coming in contact with anyone with flu symptoms. Take care of hand hygiene and eat food only after washing hands. Keep these things in mind Include fresh fruits in the diet Keep the body hydrated If you have a mild fever take paracetamol Do not take antibiotics on your own Do not consume alcohol Do not eat fried and spicy things Read this also: Before causing havoc like Corona Center alert on H3N2, NITI Aayog meeting tomorrow read this also: H3N2 Virus threatens life of these people, do not take cough and cold lightly

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