These symptoms in children are a sign of these three mental diseases, know how to protect

corona pandemic Since then, many types of problems have increased in children. For some time, such incidents are coming to the fore where children are being seen in a violent form. it’s bad for kids mental condition is happening because of. Experts say that three types of mental problems are seen more in children. These include depression-anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity (ADAD). There is no prescribed treatment for most of these diseases, Autism and ADHD. The disease is controlled only on the basis of symptoms.

Doctors say that during the corona epidemic, children were imprisoned in homes for many months. He didn’t get a chance to hang out with his friends. During his stay at home, he spent his time on mobile and laptop. During this, there was an addiction to playing the game. This is also a disease, which is called pathological gaming. Due to excessive use of mobile and playing games, children are losing their connection with the outside world. Which has a direct impact on his mental health.

Mental Health Of Kids

(It is important to take care of the mental health of children)

What is ASD disease

Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Rajkumar Srinivas explains that Autism Spectrum Disorder is a mental illness in children, in which the child does not feel like meeting anyone. He doesn’t behave like normal kids. It is difficult to communicate with people. Doing the same thing over and over again. The exact cause of this disease is not known, although in many cases it can also be due to genetic reasons and any accident or infection during pregnancy.

What is the problem of Attention Deficit

Children suffering from Attention Deficit are unable to concentrate on any task. They find it difficult to do anything. Sometimes there is a change in behavior as well. Due to this the victim child is not able to do any work systematically. This disease occurs due to an injury to the brain at the time of birth or due to the lack of proper development of the brain.

ADHD Disorder

(ADHD is a mental illness)

Symptoms of depression and anxiety

The problem of depression and anxiety in children is also increasing now. They get scared about some work. If the child is depressed for several weeks. If he does not feel like doing any work or there is a change in behavior, then all these can be symptoms of depression.

how to defend

To prevent these three mental diseases, it is most important to identify the symptoms. If any symptoms of these diseases are seen in the child, then it should not be ignored. In this situation, doctors should be consulted immediately.

It is important for parents to keep an eye on their child’s behavior. If there is any change in this then talk to them. Try to do some physical activity every day. Schedule phone and laptop usage time.

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