These problems in the child’s body are symptoms of blood cancer, this is how to protect

Blood cancer in kids: Worldwide cancer The cases are increasing every year. This disease makes victims from elders to children. Among children leukemia i.e blood cancer More cases come. For the last few years, the cases of this cancer in children are continuously increasing. Its symptoms start appearing in the initial stage itself. But people are not aware of this. In such a situation, the situation starts deteriorating and the disease goes into the advanced stage, however, if it is identified and treated, then the lives of the children can be saved. Leukemia cancer in children can also be genetic in some cases. In the early symptoms of this cancer, the skin starts turning yellow, although most people consider it a symptom of jaundice, but it is not necessary. Let us tell you what are the symptoms seen in children before having blood cancer. Cancer specialist Dr. Anshuman Kumar has given these symptoms of leukemia cancer.

fatigue and weakness

Blood cancer starts in the body with yellowing of the skin. Along with this, the child starts getting more tired. Just doing any work leads to tiredness. Tiredness persists even after a good diet.

bone pain problem

Due to blood cancer, children start having pain in bones and joints. Since bone marrow is affected due to blood cancer. It has a direct effect on the bones. Because of this, there is a problem of pain in bones and joints. There is more problem in knee, elbow and wrist

frequent infections

If your child is getting frequent infections, then this is also a sign of blood cancer. This happens because the cells in the body start growing abnormally due to blood cancer. Infection starts due to their development. In this situation, the child starts having fever every few days. accompanied by vomiting

weight loss

If the child’s weight is continuously decreasing and there is also a decrease in appetite, then this is also a symptom of cancer. None of these problems should be ignored. If any of these symptoms are visible then the doctor should be treated immediately. Cancer patients may increase by 13 percent in the country by 2025, know what is the reason

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