These 50 medicines including Montelukast-Dikovin Plus failed in the test, see the complete list

Central Drugs Standard Control Organization Has failed the test of 50 medicines including paracetamol. Out of 1280 samples of medicines that came in many labs of the country in October, 50 medicines have failed in the test. Come, here we tell you which medicines have failed in the test. Instructions have been given to withdraw these medicines from the markets. Along with this, show cause notices have also been issued to the companies making them.

See the list of medicines here

  1. folic
    Acid Tablets IP
  2. .sipdan-500
  3. hexyplore
  4. Airmol®-650 Tablets
  5. Esolip 40
  6. Cantop-40 Tablet
  7. Omzole
  8. Montek® LC
  9. Levocetirizine Tablets IP
  10. Palmagin-P
  11. Markmox-500
  12. Omkam
  13. chromostat injection
  14. pantop-dsr
  15. Uriflo -D
  16. misoprostol tablets
  17. silodosin 4 mg
  18. Diacovin-Plus
  19. albendazole tablets
    I.P. 400 mg
  20. L – methylfolate
  21. Levetiracetam Tablet
  22. metronidazole tablets
  23. Tilvit (multivitamin
  24. Otocap Capsule
  25. mycobal-plus
  26. Kingcath Tablet
  27. Bcom-l
  28. enalapril maleate
  29. Pilogrel – A 75
  30. Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride
  31. RL 500 Injection (all of which are compound cidolym)
  32. RL 500 Injection
  33. RL 500 Injection
  34. RL 500 Injection
  35. RL 500 Injection
  36. RL 500 Injection
  37. RL 500 Injection
  38. NS (Sodium Chloride)
  39. Fenofibrate Tablets
  40. Clariford-500
  41. Ondasetron
  42. Montelukast
    tablet ip
  43. bromhexine
  44. nandrolone decanoate
  45. pantoprazole sodium
  46. RL 500 B Injection
  47. midazolam injection
  48. levocetirizi
  49. Dicovin Plus
  50. pilogrelam

is used as an antibiotic

Most of the drugs which have failed in the test are used as antibiotics. Some drugs are also used for abdominal pain, headache and fever. These medicines are also used for Vitamin D and in normal fever. Drug tests are conducted every month by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation. In the last few months also many medicines have failed in these tests. Of the 50 medicines that failed in October, 11 were made only in Uttarakhand. Apart from this, there are many companies from Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana. Many medicines made in Himachal Pradesh had failed in the test held recently.

Notice issued to companies

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has issued notices to these pharmaceutical companies seeking answers. An order has also been issued to withdraw the entire stock of all these 50 medicines from the market at the earliest. The assistant drug controllers of all these states have been asked to send a report in this matter at the earliest.

In this case, the IMA says that it is not known for what reason these medicines have failed, but it is necessary that the quality of the medicine remains 100 percent.

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