There was no ghost in Bageshwar school, know from the expert why the girls started shouting

Uttarakhand Of Bageshwar In a government school, a strange incident came to the fore on Thursday. Some girl students of the school were suddenly screaming and crying. Meanwhile, some girl students have also fainted. After this incident, the school administration brought the situation under control by calling a priest. This incident is becoming quite viral on social media. Local people are seeing it as a ghost obstacle. However, psychiatry experts say that what the girl students have done is a very common mental illness. This is called hysteria.

After all, what is this disease and why does such a strange phenomenon happen in it? To know this, Tv9 has talked to experts.

Former Psychiatrist, AIIMS New Delhi Dr. Srinivas Rajkumar Told that the incident that has happened in the school of Uttarakhand is not a ghost. This is a disease of hysteria, which is a mental disorder. dissociative identity disorder is called. In this, there is a sudden change in the behavior of the people.

For example, when Jagran takes place, a woman dances on devotional songs for a long time and seeing her, other women also start dancing. In the meantime, a woman suddenly starts banging her head and even faints, in common language people call it mother, whereas it does not happen. This happens because of hysteria. In this, there is a change in the mental state of the woman for some time and she remembers some old incident and starts doing this and takes out the cloud of her mind.

The biggest cause of hysteria is mental trauma. If there has been some sad event or big loss in the old life, then it happens by remembering it. Suddenly all the old events start coming together in the mind and there is a stroke, usually this trauma occurs due to physical, mental abuse in childhood.

This disease is caused due to mental stress

Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences Senior Psychiatrist of Professor Dr. Omprakash Said hysteria is a mental illness. This disease occurs due to mental stress and trouble. It’s a way to let go of inner feelings. When there is any tension in the mind, there is fear of something or some sad event happens, then all these things remain in the mind and at one point or the other these things come out together. There is a reaction to whatever tragic events happen in life.

When there is hysteria, the person does not even know what he is doing. He is in an unconscious state during that time and does such acts which are quite strange. During this, the patient is unable to control himself. Teeth get clogged, starts screaming and sometimes even faints. This is a disease which is mainly caused by mental stress,

School incident is mass hysteria

Dr. Omprakash told that what has happened to the girl students in the school of Uttarakhand is mass hysteria. If any one has this mental problem then it is hysteria and when these incidents happen in the group then it is called mass hysteria. In the case of school, when a girl student got an attack of hysteria, seeing her, other girls also started doing the same. Because this is human mental behavior. Seeing one in this situation, the other person also starts doing the same for a few moments.

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