There is confusion between monkeypox and corona? Know everything in detail from AIIMS doctor

Worldwide monkeypox Virus cases are increasing rapidly. The World Health Organization has also declared it a public health emergency. So far, more than 16 thousand cases of this zoonotic virus have been reported in more than 71 countries. Four infected have now been found in India too. corona Monkeypox is on the rise. In such a situation, it is important for you to be aware of the differences between the symptoms of these two diseases and the ways in which they spread. Let us know everything in detail about monkeypox and corona from the doctor of AIIMS.

Professor, Critical Care Department, AIIMS New Delhi Dr. Yudhveer Singh told in a conversation with Tv9 that the initial symptoms of corona and monkeypox are like flu. Like corona, monkeypox also causes fever and headache, but monkeypox is quite different from corona.

These are the differences between the symptoms of monkeypox and corona

After three to four days after having monkeypox, rashes start coming out on the face, which can spread all over the body.

2. The ability to smell and taste is lost in corona, but it does not happen in monkeypox

3. Corona can also infect the lungs, there is no problem in the lungs in monkeypox.

4. Corona can also spread through breath, monkeypox does not spread through breath but through close contact

5. Monkeypox can also spread by having sex, this is not the case in Corona

6. Monkeypox is not fatal, but there have been crores of deaths due to corona

7. There is a vaccine for corona, but there is no vaccine for monkeypox. This is a viral disease that ends on its own after a few days of entering the body.

monkeypox does not spread like corona

Dr. Yudhveer explains that the corona spreads even by sitting close, but it is not so in the case of monkeypox. This virus will spread only when you come in contact with an infected person. That is, if you will have skin to skin touch or if you use clothes, utensils or sheets of an infected patient, then this virus will spread. There is no need of a mask or PPE kit to go to a person infected with monkeypox. Just try not to touch the rash or skin of the infected patient. Try not to have any kind of panic in the infected patient and provide him all the information about this disease.

do this isolate

Dr. Singh told that if a person has come in contact with a monkeypox infected and or any person is showing symptoms of monkeypox, he should immediately isolate himself. For this, you can keep yourself in isolation in any one room of the house and during this time keep the things you need with you. One member of the house should arrange food in the room itself and try that the toilet is also near the room. If rashes are coming out on the body during isolation, then contact the doctor immediately and get admitted to the hospital according to the need.

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