Therapy by which years old pain also goes away! If you are worried then definitely try it

Most of the people in the world are suffering from some disease or health related problem. The problem increases when one pain can bother someone for years. Due to pain and related problems, not being able to do our work, taking part in things, all these things also start happening with us. What if years of chronic pain could be easily removed through some therapy or treatment? A research at Duke University in America has revealed that years old pain can also be reduced or removed through green light therapy. In this article, we are going to tell you about this therapy. Learn….

You can also adopt this therapy

According to reports, more than 50 million people in America face pain or discomfort due to some health related problem. For this, treatment is found with acupuncture, massage or medicine, but it is not necessary that these methods prove to be effective. Sometimes people even get addicted to drugs. By the way, a research has come out at Duke University of America, which suggests that through green light therapy, it helps to relieve pain.

What is Green Light Therapy

Green light therapy is becoming very popular these days. In this therapy, the patient or the person suffering from pain is advised to spend time in a room with green light. The special thing is that no side effect of this therapy has been revealed. Talking about its experiment, it was researched on people for two weeks. In this, people were given to wear glasses of different colors like red, green and black for 4-4 hours every day. Research revealed that due to the green color, the anxiety of pain in people was reduced.

This is how green light works

Researchers have told about the benefits of green light. According to him, green light travels from our eyes to the brain via nerves. Some of these work to reduce pain. The melanopsin acid of the eye, which sends signals to the brain to control pain, gets triggered in this exercise.

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