The problem of increased Uric Acid will go away, try these Ayurvedic remedies

in the body uric acid (Uric Acid) Overgrowth has become a common health problem, but it is not good to ignore it. Everyone, be it a woman or a man, is troubled by uric acid and in most cases this disease affects people above 40 years of age. According to experts, this is a kind of waste material, which affects the functioning of the kidney, an important organ of the body. When uric acid increases, it starts accumulating in the joints of the body and pain starts in many places. In such a situation, problems like joint pain, difficulty in walking and swelling start to occur. Due to this many people have high blood pressure ( High BP ) Could also be a problem.

You can find a solution to this disease by contacting a doctor, but in Ayurveda also many measures have been told to control this disease. We will tell you about some such effective Ayurvedic remedies, which can help you in controlling uric acid. Know about them..


It is a kind of powder and it is used as the best treatment in Ayurveda. Triphala prepared by mixing three types of herbs should be consumed regularly. You will be able to see the difference in a few days. According to Ayurvedic experts, to get rid of the problem of uric acid, Triphala powder or churna should be swallowed with water before sleeping at night.

Giloy juice

Giloy is a simple plant, which spreads on any tree in the form of talas. Giloy is rich in many medicinal properties, which along with increasing the immunity of our body, brings many other benefits. To reduce uric acid, you can drink giloy vines by heating them in water. Or you will easily get Giloy juice in the market.

dry ginger powder

There are also many health benefits of dry ginger powder which enhances the taste of pickles or vegetables. Its special importance has been told in Ayurveda. The problem of uric acid can be reduced by eating dry ginger powder with turmeric. For this, before sleeping at night, mix a little turmeric and dry ginger powder in water and drink it.

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