The pattern of corona in Delhi is different from other states, the cases of infection will continue to fluctuate: Expert

The cases of Corona are increasing rapidly in the capital of the country, Delhi. In the last 24 hours, 1797 cases have been registered, which is the highest since February. In view of the increasing cases, the health department has also increased the number of corona tests. In the last two weeks only, the number of tests has been increased by two thousand. With the cases of corona in Delhi, the positivity rate is also increasing. There was a positivity rate of 8.18 percent on Friday, which is the highest since January. Earlier on January 27, the infection rate had reached more than nine percent. Experts say that the pattern of corona in Delhi is different from other states. Here in every one to two months, the cases of infection will continue to fluctuate in the same way.

Kovid expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar told that lakhs of people come to Delhi daily from neighboring states. If anyone sees any symptoms of fever or Kovid in them, then they get tested in Delhi itself. In such a situation, the patient of other state gets added to the account of Delhi. Apart from this, people also come from other states for treatment in the capital. If a patient has been admitted to the hospital for some other disease, then it also happens that he gets infected in the Kovid test. In such a situation, that patient is counted in the cases of corona. Apart from this, the markets here are also crowded. Due to which mutations keep happening in the virus and people get infected. In such a situation, there will be an increase in corona cases in Delhi every few months. Here the endemic pattern of the epidemic is different from other states.

Cases not likely to subside now

Regarding the increasing cases of corona, Dr. Anshuman said that in view of the cases of corona, it is not likely to decrease. People in Delhi are taking care of Corona. For a few days more cases will keep increasing. The infection rate has reached more than eight percent. This may also increase in the coming days.

Increase in the number of samples for genome sequencing

According to Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of Loknayak Hospital, samples of all corona patients admitted to the hospital are being sent for genome sequencing. Told that at present 20 patients of Corona are admitted in the hospital. Genome sequencing is being done in two hospitals in Delhi. This includes Loknayak Hospital and ILBS Hospital.

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