The Color Effect: Now drive away stress, high blood pressure and migraine with colours!

Colors Can Improve Health: Colors have a profound effect on our moods and emotions. Colors can evoke memories in our mind. Even colors can affect our physical health. color therapy Also known as Chromotherapy. Actually, chromotherapy is a form of alternative medicine, in which colors are used to promote health. Today we will tell you about the power of color therapy and its benefits to health.

color therapy

According to color therapy, each color has a different vibration and energy, which can affect our body, mind and soul. This happens because the colors are made of electro magnetic. But let us tell you that the frequency and wavelength of different colors are also different. When we see a particular colour, our brain processes it and sends signals to different parts of our body. It can have an impact on our moods, emotions and physical health.

red color

The color red is associated with energy, vitality and passion. It can increase the flow of blood. In addition, it can stimulate the nervous system, which increases physical performance. The color carnation is often used to treat fatigue, depression and libido. It may also help in reducing inflammation.

blue color

Blue is a calming and relaxing color that can help reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. It also slows down the heart rate apart from reducing blood pressure. Blue color is often used in the treatment of high blood pressure, migraine and chronic pain.

from green

Green is used as a healing color, which is associated with balance and growth. Green color helps in improving anxiety, relaxation and digestion. Our health gets many benefits from color therapy. Most importantly color therapy is safe.

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