Tea Side Effects: Excessive consumption of tea is harmful for health, know its side effects

Most people consume tea in the morning. Many people feel very lethargic if they do not get tea. Many people use tea (tea) to stay active and remove fatigue.Tea Side Effects) drink. Many people have a habit that they drink about 5 to 6 cups of tea a day. Be it summer or winter, these people have such a habit of tea that they cannot live without tea. But excessive consumption of tea has a very bad effect on health. Drinking too much tea can lead to many health related problems. Let’s know the disadvantages of drinking more tea.

panic button

Drinking too much tea causes anxiety. During this you feel very uncomfortable. Tea contains tannins. This can increase your problem. It contains caffeine. Excess consumption of caffeine causes many damages to the body.

heartburn problem

Excessive consumption of tea can cause heartburn. It increases the production of acid in the intestines. Due to this there is a burning sensation in the chest. The problem of acid reflux can also increase due to excessive consumption of tea.

not sleeping well

Many people consume more tea while working for long hours. Caffeine is high in tea. Because of this, when it is time to sleep, then good sleep is not possible. Excessive consumption of tea spoils the quality of sleep. Due to this, problems like dark circles under the eyes, mental stress and anxiety etc. have to be faced. In such a situation, it is important that you protect yourself from excessive consumption of tea.

harmful to the intestines

Excessive consumption of tea causes great damage to the intestines. Consuming this greatly increases the risk of intestinal damage. In such a situation, many problems related to digestion have to be faced. There is trouble in digesting food.

lowers the rate of metabolism

To stay healthy and lose weight, it is necessary that the metabolic rate is fast. In such a situation, when we consume more tea, the metabolic rate decreases. Due to this, the problem of burning and gas etc. has to be faced in the stomach.

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