Sperm count is decreasing in men due to excessive use of TV and smartphone, due to which the problem of infertility is increasing.

Infertility is a growing problem in the country. After marriage, it is seen that people are making rounds of IVF clinics for the desire of children. Now in many cases men are also becoming victims of infertility. The main reason for infertility is considered to be poor physical health and hormonal imbalance, but do you know that the problem of infertility is increasing due to excessive use of digital devices i.e. mobiles, TVs and laptops. After the corona epidemic, the use of these digital devices among people has increased a lot. But due to all this there is a serious impact on health.

In many research conducted around the world, it has been revealed that the reason for these devices is decreasing sperm count in men and there is a problem of infertility. Let us know from the experts why infertility is increasing due to digital devices.

Dr. Gunjan Gupta, Chairman, Gunjan IVF World Group, says, “Nowadays people are in digital age and it is spoiling the lifestyle and having serious impact on health, due to which many types of diseases have started happening. The problem of infertility has also increased due to these electronic devices. The radiation emitted from smartphones and mobile towers in India is much higher than in other countries. 10 to 12 percent of couples in the country are suffering from fertility problems due to this radiation.

How does the phone affect fertility?

Dr. Gunjan says that there is a risk of decreasing sperm count in men due to excessive use of smartphones. At the same time, there is also a lack of agility in them. Keeping a mobile for a long time and keeping a laptop in the lap worsens the quality of sperm count. The effect of heat on the sperm-producing testes in men is more than on the ovaries of women. In such a situation, the heat and radiation of these devices cause great damage to the growth of sperm cells. Radiation also damages DNA, reducing the ability of cells to repair themselves. In this way, due to radiation, there is a problem in fertility.

Sperm count is decreasing by watching TV

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, watching more than 20 hours of TV in a week reduces sperm count by 35 percent. A research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that watching TV is directly related to sperm count. In this research, sperm samples of 200 students aged 18 to 20 were taken, in the report it was found that the sperm count of students who constantly watch TV was 37 million per millimetre, while the count of students who watched very little TV. 52 million per millimetre.

According to Dr., this happens because the body remains lazy while watching TV. There is no activity in the body. Which affects the sperm count.

Increasing problem due to junk food

According to Dr. Gunjan, eating junk food and chaotic lifestyle are leading a person to obesity, and this is also the main reason for infertility. Due to obesity, there is a decrease in the desire for sex in men. Obesity not only reduces sexual desires, but also leads to early fatigue during sex.

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