Sleeping: In which position is it better to sleep at night, know what experts say?

Along with a good diet, good sleep is also very important to stay healthy. But people seem to struggle a lot to get a good night’s sleep. He constantly changes sides on the bed. Keep in mind that good sleep is very important for your body. really Good sleep Your routine i.e. lifestyle has an important role in taking it. Apart from this, let us also tell you how you sleep. It is also taken care of for good sleep.

What do experts say?

Experts believe that sleeping on the stomach, back or side can cause snoring as well as symptoms of sleep apnea and problems like back pain. Along with this, if you sleep in the wrong position then you may also have to face the problem of sleep interference, increased tension and poor circulation. Regarding this matter, experts say that lack of sleep has a bad effect on our immunity and metabolism. However, now the question arises that in which position should we sleep. However, let us also tell you about this.

sleeping on back

Let us tell you that sleeping on the back comes in the most common sleeping position. By sleeping in this position, your spine remains in its natural position. Along with this, you also do not have to face serious problems like pain in neck, back and shoulder.

sleeping on one side

Note that many studies have shown that most older people sleep on one side. This is because this position is considered to be the most comfortable. This makes a person feel comfortable. In this position, your spine remains very straight.

don’t sleep in this position

According to research, we should not sleep on stomach or chest. This can prove to be very dangerous. Sleeping in this position puts a lot of pressure on our lungs and chest cavity. Which can cause difficulty in breathing.

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