Sleep does not come due to restlessness at night, know its causes and remedies

Sleep is an important part of our life and if there is any kind of problem in it, then many physical and mental problems can happen to us. It is said that sleeping properly at night and staying for about 7 to 8 hours Sleep By taking it, the mind remains calm, the mood remains good and energy also remains in the body. Do not feel sluggish during work. However, nowadays due to the busy schedule and increased responsibilities of the people, their sleeping system is disturbed. They stay up late at night and sleep ( Sleeping disorder problem ) Face the problem of not coming. Mental stress on waking up late and getting up early in the morning (mental stress) Maybe and its effect can be seen on your work.

If this happens continuously, there is restlessness and it can also disturb sleep at night. We are going to tell you what can be the reason for restlessness at night and what measures you can take to overcome it.

this could be the reason

There can be many health related reasons behind restlessness due to lack of sleep at night. It is also called chronic restlessness, in which not only sleeplessness, irritability, weight gain and immunity also start to weaken. According to health experts, problems like restless legs syndrome, unhealthy diet, hormonal problems can be the reason for restlessness and sleeplessness at night. On the other hand, if you have stress, then of course you may have trouble sleeping. Not only this, exercising at night can also prove to be harmful.

restless legs syndrome

This is a problem in the feet, in which people move their feet while sleeping at night. Cramps, tingling or burning starts in the legs and gradually it becomes a cause of discomfort. If you get out of bed at night and take a little walk, then this problem can get some relief. At the same time, unhealthy diet can also bother you. This can cause not only restlessness but also many other health problems. Take a healthy diet and follow a good lifestyle.

do this remedy

If you are suffering from restlessness and sleeplessness at night, then first of all contact the doctor. Apart from this, sit at night and take a long breath. Also drink more and more water during the day. Apart from this, you can also get relief through yoga.

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