Should the monkeypox test be done as soon as there is a fever? Know what doctors say

The cases of monkeypox virus are increasing continuously around the world. So far this virus has been confirmed in more than 18 thousand people. Four patients of monkeypox have also been found in the country and there are continuous suspicious cases in many states. Information is also being given about the virus, but this zoonotic disease People are still in confusion about the symptoms. Many people suspect monkeypox when they have a fever, because the onset of monkeypox symptoms fever and headache But is every fever that of monkeypox and should it be investigated? To know this, TV9 has talked to experts.

Epidemiologist Dr. Jugal Kishore says that there is no need to get tested for monkeypox only if there is fever. It is not that if there is fever then it will be monkeypox. Since this virus does not spread very easily and it is not that walking around an infected patient will cause monkeypox. This virus is spread only through close contact. In such a situation, not every person needs to get tested.

These people should get tested

Experts say that if a person has come in contact with a patient infected with monkeypox, then he should get this virus tested within 21 days.

If people who have returned from foreign travel have fever or flu symptoms, then they can get tested for monkeypox.

Get tested even if you have fever, headache and muscle pain after coming in contact with an animal.

If the rash is coming out on the private part of the face, then it is necessary to get the test done.

Take special care of children

Dr. Kishor says that children can be at risk from monkeypox. In such a situation, special attention should be given to them. Because children are not able to take care of hand hygiene and they also roam in parks or public places. By which they can also come in contact with someone who is infected with monkeypox.

No risk of death from monkeypox

Senior Physician Dr. Kawaljit Singh says that till now the cases of death have not been seen in the countries where monkeypox has spread. This virus leaves itself within a few days after entering the body. Like Corona, there are no cases of damage to the lungs or any other organ. That’s why people should not be afraid of monkeypox. It is just important that people keep all the information about the symptoms of this virus and follow the rules of prevention.

Dr. told that it is very important to take care of hand hygiene to prevent monkeypox. Do wash your hands before eating food. If you have come home from outside, then try to take a bath in the evening. Put your clothes in hot water and remove them after some time. By all these methods, the virus will be easily protected.

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