Shikhar Dhawan Fitness Secret: Diet plan of ‘Gabbar’, eat potato paratha, still fit, know his fitness secret

Shikhar Dhawan Fitness Secret: Indian Premier League (Indian Premier League) i.e. in IPL Shikhar Dhawan has created new history. He has become the first player to hit 700 fours in IPL. Shikhar was part of the Punjab Kings team. For any player, his fitness is very important because it is necessary for every player to maintain strength during the match. On the other hand, if we talk about Shikhar Dhawan, then he is very alert about his fitness. Shikhar has millions of fans around the world, who affectionately call him Gabbar because of his abilities and fitness. Know here what Gabbar does to keep himself so fit.

From Aloo Paratha to these things are included in the diet

Shikhar Dhawan is very fond of eating and drinking, but to maintain his fitness, he balances the diet perfectly. Usually, they include things rich in proteins, carbs and vitamins in their diet. They eat a lot of vegetables and seasonal fruits for vitamins and antioxidants. Apart from this, he eats grilled chicken, fish-potatoes, broccoli etc. in his diet. Many times, to eat his favorite things, he also includes things like Aloo Paratha, Dosa, Chicken Curry and Mutton Rogan Josh in his diet. But to balance the oily food, he does a lot of workouts, so that all the calories stored in the body can be burnt.

gabbar workout plan

To keep his body fit, Shikhar goes to the gym 5 days a week. He does weight training for three days and cardio exercises for two days. Before exercising, he warms up for half an hour by doing glute exercises, mobility training and stretching etc. After warmup, do push press, then do full body workout. In an interview, Shikhar had told that he enjoys a lot of exercises that build biceps. Apart from all these exercises, he also does yoga. Apart from breathing pranayama, he does Surya Namaskar, Vrikshasana and Sarvangasana, so that flexibility remains in his body.

Also fond of running and swimming

Gabbar also loves running and swimming. Due to this the strength of their body is maintained, as well as the blood circulation in the body is better. Apart from this, swimming works to strengthen the muscles. Health experts also believe that if you cannot exercise daily, then at least do running for half an hour. Due to this your body burns extra calories, the lungs are strong and your body also remains fit.

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