Server stalled for 30 hours… Patient Halkan, what to do now – how to take offline appointment?

National Informatics Center to be used for patient care and management at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi e-hospital server Has been down for more than 30 hours. Because of this OPD, emergency and other services are also getting affected. Presently AIIMS is working on manual mode. Patients are facing a lot of trouble due to stoppage of online services.

From OPD to taking test reports and getting treatment in emergency, there is a problem. Those who want to register online for OPD are also unable to get an appointment, but we are going to tell you some such methods by which you can get treatment without any hassle.

If you want to see the doctor in OPD for the first time in AIIMS, then you can register yourself offline by visiting any OPD counter.

Registration is done from 8 am to 11.30 am.

You must have a mobile number to register.

As long as the server is not running, you will get all the details through phone or message on this mobile number.

After registration in OPD, you will get a slip from the counter, in which your complete details, doctor’s name and department’s name will be written.

To show in emergency, you have to go directly to the emergency department and the doctor or other staff of the hospital present there will fill all the information manually.

If you are a follow-up patient in AIIMS and want to get your report, then you can find out the report by going to the concerned department. At present, you will not get any status of the online report. In such a situation, you will have to go to the department and find out.

How to get the test done

If you want to get your test done, then AIIMS has issued separate forms for that.

Serum sample, blood sugar calorie form will be filled

Pink Form for CBC, PA

blue form for microbiology

Hospital has issued this SOP for manual mode

If the patient does not have the UHID number (Unique Health Identification Registration) of AIIMS, then the phone number will be the identity of the patient.

Discharge and transfer of all patients will be done manually.

Only urgent samples will be sent for testing, for which form will have to be filled manually.

The birth and death certificate of the patient will also be prepared manually.

second backup working

Another backup of patients’ data in AIIMS also resides in the Dental Education Center. This data has been saved from being breached. NIC team has disconnected this backup from the network. Due to this, the data of the patients has been saved from being deleted and all the information about the records of the old patients is available with the hospital. This backup of patients’ data has started. At present it may take a few hours.

Treatment can also be done in Safdarjung Hospital

If the patient’s condition is serious and due to some technical fault in AIIMS, the patient is not able to be admitted, then he can also go to Safdarjung Hospital and get treated. All services are running in Safdarjung Hospital.

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