Sanitary pads can cause cancer, keep these eight things in mind during periods

do you know that’s wrong sanitary pad Using can cause cancer, yes, it is correct. A research has been done regarding sanitary pads. In this, 10 brands of sanitary napkins were tested in India. It has been found in research that toxic chemicals are added while making pads to maintain their flexibility and fragrance. from whom cancer There is a danger of happening. Women use pads during periods and these dangerous chemicals come in contact with their skin. Due to which the risk of cancer increases.

According to Risher, about 64 percent of women in India use sanitary napkins. 50 percent of girls aged 15 to 24 still use clothes during periods. Not only this, 71 percent of the women in the country do not know about the hygiene to be followed during menstruation. Research has said that many diseases can occur in women due to non-observance of hygiene during menstruation. During menstruation, the pH level of women’s private parts changes. This can increase the chances of bacterial infection. By following certain rules during menstruation, women can keep themselves away from many health problems.

Keep these things in mind during periods

1. Cleanliness should be taken care of during menstruation.

2. Using a sanitary pad, you have to change it at an interval of three to four hours.

3. You should follow this step even if you use tampons

4. Using the same sanitary napkin for a long time poses a risk of infection.

5. Change underwear along with changing sanitary pads.

6. Wear underwear made of cotton and wear loose clothes

7. Always keep the private part and the area around it clean.

8. Do not use any product for cleaning, only clean water is also good.

Scented pads can cause harm

Chemical products used to maintain fragrance in sanitary pads are carriers of cancer. While this information comes to the fore in new research, doctors have been making aware about it since the beginning. Scented sanitary pads are never safe for the female body. In such a situation, keep in mind that if there has been an infection or allergies, do not ignore it and in such cases consult doctors immediately.

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