Reliance will gift personal genome testing kit to people, disease will be known in advance

Personal genomic mapping: Reliance affordable to Indians soon Personal Genomic Mapping (PGM) can provide the facility. Through this people will have personal genome testing kit. This can help in better understanding of any type of genetic disease. Reliance acquired Strand Life Sciences in 2021, which developed the genome testing kit. Whose price is much less than the market. According to Strand CEO Ramesh Hariharan, these kits can be made available to people in the next few weeks. With its help, genome testing will become much easier. With this kit, it will be known in advance that there is a possibility of a person getting any disease. According to a report by FE, any genetic disease can be identified with this testing kit. The disease can be easily detected by examining the genome. Even during an epidemic like Kovid, genome sequencing had benefited a lot. From this it was known that which variant of Kovid is present in which person.

Advantages of Personal Genome Testing Kit

PGM will help a person to identify and assess the genes for the disease they are suffering from. Also suffer from diseases that are likely to be caused by their genes. This can play a big role in healthcare choices. There are many such diseases, including cancer, heart disease, which are genetic, that is, these diseases spread from one generation to another. If there is a genome testing kit, then it will be known in advance that there is a risk of Gentir disease. With the help of this kit, people will be able to do blood sample testing at home. According to Ramesh Hariharan, this kit will be the cheapest kit for genome sequencing in the whole world. Its cost will be 12 thousand rupees, through the kit it will also help in the prevention of many genetic diseases and diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Sequencing is like this

Genome sequencing contains the complete list of genomic nucleotides (which together make up DNA) that are present in its haploid set of chromosomes—in humans, there are typically 46 chromosomes (22 pairs of autosomes, or non-sex chromosomes) and two sex chromosomes. Chromosomes are (XY). in men and XX in women). A set with a chromosome from each of the 22 autosomal pairs with XX/XY is called a haploid set. read this also: H3N2 and Victoria responsible for flu in the country, genome sequencing data revealed

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