Photoimmunotherapy: A new way to treat cancer has been discovered that does not weaken the immune system, know how effective it is

Cancer treatment surgery, chemotherapy (Chemotherapy), radiotherapy and immunotherapy, but scientists have now developed cancer treatment (Cancer Treatment) discovered a new method. The name of the treatment is photoimmunotherapy. It is the fifth major treatment for cancer. This treatment has proved effective during the trial. The scientists who discovered it claim, the therapies available for cancer so far keep cancer cells in the body. The risk of death of the patient is high due to this, but photoimmunotherapy (PhotoImmunotherapyWith the help of ) the patient can live for a long time. This new treatment could prove to be a game changer.

What is photoimmunotherapy, how it works and how effective it is in the treatment of cancer, know the answers to these questions

What is photoimmunotherapy and how does it work?

Researchers from London’s Cancer Research Institute, who studied this, say that this is a special type of therapy, with the help of which the smallest cancer cells are seen glowing in the dark during treatment. It can also be seen and can also be removed from the body.

Researchers claim that whatever therapy was used so far during the treatment of cancer, some cancer cells remained in the body, but with the help of the new therapy, they can be easily seen and removed.

Is the new therapy effective?

Scientists from the Cancer Research Institute have used the new therapy on mice. These were mice that were battling a cancer called glioblastoma. This is the most common form of brain cancer. During the treatment, small cancer cells were easily visible, which were separated. Cells that could not be removed were killed by its usual treatment. In this way this treatment proved to be effective.

Immune system will not weaken

In the report of The Guardian, researchers claim that after this treatment of cancer, the patient’s immune system will not be weakened. If the symptoms of brain cancer appear again in the patient, it can be easily controlled.

Researcher Dr. Gabriella says, treating brain cancer is quite complicated. Treating cancer in the brain is quite challenging.In such a situation, the new technique of removing the tumor makes the treatment easier.

After successful treatment of the rat suffering from brain cancer, now its human trial will be done. If the human trial is successful, this therapy will be used on other types of cancer, so that it can be understood how effective this therapy is in which type of cancer.Scientists are planning to conduct human trials soon.

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