People with these blood groups are most at risk of stroke, you should also be alert

Stroke Risk: Stroke It is a dangerous situation. In many cases stroke The person suffering from it also dies. Stroke occurs due to lack of blood circulation in the brain. The cases of this disease are increasing every year in the world including India. After Kovid, the situation has become even more dangerous. Now scientists have discovered about this disease. According to research, a person’sblood group Only from this the risk of having a stroke can be detected.

According to a study published in the journal Neurology, a research has been done on all the blood groups present in the body. In which it has been told that people with A blood group have the highest risk of having a stroke before the age of 60 years. In this research, 18 thousand people between the age of 18 to 59 years were included. All of them had had a stroke. In the research, the blood group of the people was detected. In this, it was found that the risk of stroke is 16 percent higher for people with A blood group as compared to other people. People whose blood group was O1. They found less risk of stroke.

Type B blood group is not at risk

According to researchers, there is no high risk of stroke in people with type B blood group. Whereas, it had no effect in AB people. But the risk is very high for those with A blood group. In such a situation, they need to pay attention and avoid stroke. They should get their BP checked from time to time and consult doctors if any symptoms related to stroke appear.

Why are people with A blood group at higher risk?

It has been found in research that people with A blood group have the highest risk of stroke, but what is the reason for this. In this regard, doctors say that there is a possibility that this can happen due to platelets and blood vessels as well as other reasons. It is feared that the risk of blood clots in A group people is higher than in other blood group people. Because of which blood clots in the brain and stroke occurs. However, more research is still needed regarding this fact.

Professor Dr. Steven Kittner, involved in the research, says that the risk of death after a stroke is very high, people who survive are at risk of having some or the other problem throughout their life. In such a situation, it is important that people with high risk blood group take special care of themselves.

These are the symptoms of stroke

sudden severe headache

trouble speaking

feel hard to see

facial numbness

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