People undergoing surgery to increase height, expert said – this is a sign of some disease

Now after cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, bariatric and face lifting height increase surgery is in the limelight. According to a report, a person in America spent about 60 lakh rupees to increase his height by a few inches. According to GQ, “During this surgery, the bones of a person’s thighs are broken and metal adjustable nails are placed in them in the center. Each nail is made of titanium, which is as flexible and strong as bone, and is about the size of a piccolo. Nails are stretched by one millimeter every day through a magnetic remote control for about 90 days.

When asked why he wanted to increase his height, the man said, “I have seen tall people get the benefit of their height. The world bows to them. When you are tall, people look at you differently.”

Mental health expert Dr Pulkit Sharma expressed concern over the poor mental health of people who undergo such surgeries. Cosmetic surgery is a sign of poor mental health and poor self image. He explained, “When a person has a bad image of themselves in their mind and does not consider themselves attractive, they then focus on their physical appearance.”

body dysmorphic disorder

Dr Sharma threw light on the mental health status of these patients. He said, “It is not just about height increase surgery, but people can dislike their weight, looks, scars or any physical aspect which they do not feel perfect. We call it body dysmorphic disorder.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health condition in which you cannot stop thinking about one or more visible defects in yourself, a defect that appears minor or is not even noticed by others. But you feel so embarrassed and worried about it that you start avoiding going among many people.

These surgeries are not only a sign of poor mental health in an individual but also a dangerous and negative aspect of the society. Dr Sharma said, “The professionals performing these surgeries should be told about these problems.”

surgeries can be life threatening

A common surgical procedure mainly involves cutting the bone, then inserting metal pins and screws into the bone, connecting external metal devices with pins. Doctors call these devices “fixators” and they help to separate the cut area of ​​bone for new bone growth.

Once the person gets the desired result, then the doctor removes the pin. The maximum amount of leg length a surgeon can take varies but is usually limited to around 7 cm.

There are also risks involved in this procedure. In which reactions to anesthesia, bleeding and infection are included, especially in pin sites.

There may be trouble in the bones

A review of the procedure and results of bone lengthening surgery reported that up to 100 percent of people who have leg lengthening surgery experience some kind of complication, but most people have major complications. (Major complication) is not experienced.

There is also a danger that the surgery will not be successful due to improper healing of the bones. In some patients, if the bones do not heal properly, it may happen that the bones do not remain straight.

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