People ignore these signs of clot formation in the brain, it can be heavy

Brain is the most sensitive and important part of our body. If it is affected in any way, then its effect can be seen on our whole body. Actually, our brain plays the role of a computer in a way, which works to give commands to the whole body. That is why doctors say that any problem related to this should not be ignored even by mistake. nowadays brain stroke A lot of cases are increasing. According to reports, about 18 lakh people are affected by brain stroke every year in India and about 30 percent of them die. Brain stroke occurs when clots form in the brain.

Blood clots formed in the brain are like gel. This problem becomes common now and some signs are seen when it occurs. You too about these signs, because ignoring them can be overwhelming.

blurred vision

Blurred vision is common when eye health is impaired, but it can also be a sign of clot formation in the brain. Often people mistake it to be the reason for the deteriorating health of the eyes. If this happens with the eyes, one should immediately contact the doctor and follow all the things related to the treatment.

loss of body balance

Mental health starts deteriorating when a blood clot or blood clot is formed in the brain. In this condition, the balance of the body is not right and there is a problem in walking. Gradually, the brain naturally stops working and the sense of balance in the body also starts to end. Paralysis can also occur in this condition.


This is a common health disease, but if it bothers continuously, then it may be that some kind of serious health problem has happened in the body. According to experts, this can also be a sign of brain stroke or clot formation in the brain. If you are often troubled by headache, a doctor should be contacted.

inability to speak

Difficulty speaking is a big sign of a clot or stroke in the brain. After a blood clot forms in the brain, people try to speak, but they are unable to speak clearly. Clots can form in the brain at any age. One reason for this is also stress and to stay away from it, you should do daily meditation or yoga.

(The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. TV9 Hindi does not confirm these. Follow this only after consulting an expert.)

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