Pain and swelling in the feet can also be a symptom of cancer, these people are more at risk

Worldwide cancer The cases are increasing rapidly. In 2020, 10 million people have died due to this disease. When the cells present in the body start growing abnormally in some part, then tumor gets up. Which takes the form of cancer. There are many types of cancer too. one of them pancreatic cancer, Which develops in the pancreas present in the body. Its symptoms are also slightly different. Because of which this disease is not easily identified.

According to the World Health Organisation, the initial symptoms of pancreatic cancer are swelling along with pain in the legs. But most of the people ignore it considering it as some other problem. If someone has these symptoms, then he should also undergo cancer screening. Apart from this, excessive yellowing of urine and itching on the skin are also signs of pancreatic cancer.

Doctors tell that this cancer is very dangerous. The survival rate in this is only 6 percent. This is because people are not aware of the symptoms of this cancer. Due to this, most of the cases come to the fore in the advanced stage. In this case, treatment becomes a big challenge.

These symptoms can also be seen in pancreatic cancer

sudden weight loss

be very tired

loss of appetite

frequent bouts of jaundice

People with these diseases are at higher risk

Cancer specialist Dr. Anurag Kumar says that people who have problems with obesity and diabetes are more at risk of pancreatic cancer. Many research has shown that the risk of this cancer increases after one year in people suffering from type-2 diabetes. That’s why obesity and diabetes patients should get cancer screening done immediately if they see these symptoms in their feet. Try to keep the lifestyle right. Pay attention to food. By doing this both obesity and diabetes will be under control.

Apart from this, people who smoke more cigarettes are also at risk of pancreatic cancer. In a study of The Lancet Medical Journal, it has been found that the rate of this cancer in chain smoker is 20 percent higher than that of normal people. Also, more cases of pancreatic cancer are being seen in people above 30 years of age. In such a situation, it is necessary to quit smoking.

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