Organ Transplant: Why organ donation is not increasing according to the need in India, know what are the challenges in organ donation

Organ Transplant: in India organ donation The number of people doing this has increased three times in the last 10 years, but still it is very less as per the requirement. Every year thousands of patients lose the battle of life due to lack of organ donation. The main reason for this is that people organ donation There is a lack of awareness about Even the relatives of brain dead people shy away from donating their organs. According to the data of the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation, about 1.5 lakh people need kidney transplant every year in India, but only 8,000 of them get a kidney. There are more living donors in this too. Same is the case with liver transplant. Every year about 70 thousand people need liver in India, but only 2 thousand people get liver. Out of 2,000 heart transplant patients, only 150 get it. These figures show that organ donation is still very low in India. In such a situation, it is important to know why the organ donation is not increasing according to the requirement. Let’s know what the experts say.

superstition big reason

Founder Member of Federation of Resident Doctors Association Dr. Manish Jangra It is said that people are full of superstition regarding organ donation. There is a belief that there will be no next birth after organ donation. Some believe that organ donation deforms the body. While there is nothing like this. After organ donation, the entire process of transplant is done under the supervision of a team of expert doctors. One of the major reasons for the decrease in organ donation is that many hospitals do not have the arrangement to keep the organ and to deliver it to the needy patient at the right time. Since every organ has a life and at the same time transplant has to be done in the patient, but better medical facilities are needed for this. In many cases, common people refuse to consider a brain dead person as dead. They think that death happens only when the heart beat stops. In such a situation, the relatives of a brain dead patient are not ready to donate their organs. Some believe that buying and selling of organs can happen after organ donation, but there is nothing like that. Doing this is a crime and this is not done in any hospital.

lack of information

In the Department of Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital Dr. Rajat Kumar It is said that there is a lack of information about organ donation among people. Very few people are aware of who can donate organs and what is its procedure. Usually, after the death of a person, the relatives want to perform the last rites as soon as possible, but no one pays attention to the fact that the organs of the deceased can save the life of another patient. Especially donating eyes is a very simple process, not only brain dead but normally dead person can also donate their eyes. In such a situation, now the time has come that like other diseases, an awareness campaign should be started regarding organ donation, so that people get all the information about organ donation. For example, what are the benefits of organ donation, how can we donate. What is its complete process.

These people can donate organs

A person of any age can donate an organ, living donor can donate kidney and liver. Only a brain dead person is valid for donation of other organs. Brain dead is the system when all the functions of the brain are over and there is no chance of recovery of the patient again. Patients of AIDS, TB and Hepatitis cannot donate organ. Can also read: Organ Donation: Why women donate more organs than men, what is the reason for this

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