Organ transplant gives new life to the patient, doctors said – there is no harm in organ donation

Organ Transplant: Organ transplant is both a life saving and a life changing procedure. Every year, an estimated 1.5-2 lakh people require a kidney transplant, but in the year 2022 only one out of 10000 people could get their transplant done. Every year 80000 people require liver transplant, but in the year 2022, less than 3000 people could get liver transplant. 10000 people needed heart transplant, but only 250 patients get help. The reason for this is that patients are not able to get donors easily and many people are also afraid of getting transplanted. Most people feel that life is not easy after a transplant. To make people aware about transplant, the liver and kidney transplant team of Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital organized an organ transplant recipient fair. 500 organ transplant recipients (transplant patients) were present in this program. Dr. Dr. Vice-Chairperson, Department of Nephrology, Gangaram Hospital. Manish Malik said that transplant has changed the lives of our patients. Now they can lead a normal life and enjoy this gift of life. With this, you can do something for your family and society. There is no harm in getting a transplant Dr. Ushast Dhir, Vice-Chairperson, Department of Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplant said that transplant is the beginning of a new life and today we are celebrating this new life of our recipients in the presence of their families Are. The doctor said that there is no harm in getting the transplant done. It can give new life to the patient. Organ transplant gives a new life to the patient. Organ donation should be encouraged for needy patients. The government has removed the age limit for organ and tissue donation. The government has removed the age limit and residence certificate. Any patient can register for organ transplant in any state of the country. The government has also abolished the age limit of 65 years. Now a person can donate organs at any age. Earlier, a person above 65 years of age could not donate organ. read this also: From liver to kidney, organ can be donated in this way, keep these things in mind

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