No more energy left! Why did Jesinda resign? In the words of health experts

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Resigns: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced his resignation. In the party’s caucus meeting, Jesinda said that she no longer has the energy to work and now the time has come to resign. He said that his work takes a lot of hard work and now he has no energy left to fulfill his responsibility. If we look at the career of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, she has completed five and a half years as Prime Minister. During his tenure, New Zealand also faced an epidemic like Corona very well.

During the peak of his career, now suddenly his decision to resign has surprised. One thing to note is that he said that now there is no energy left to do his work. But why did he say this? While she was doing her work in a much better way. What happened that suddenly Jesinda announced her resignation?

Let’s know what health experts say

In the Department of Psychiatry at the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Delhi Professor Dr. Om Prakash show that Taking such decisions is a sign of a person with a positive attitude. He may have said that he has no energy now, but when a positive person leaves his work, he talks like this. He does not want to leave his work after getting into any criticism or controversy. These types of people want to go only during the peak of their career.

Dr. Om Prakash says that it is not necessary that the Prime Minister of New Zealand would have taken this decision due to lack of ability to work, but only after the spirit of giving opportunity to others and 100 percent satisfaction towards his work. can be taken. There is little such thing as lack of energy or lack of ability to work. When a person is mentally satisfied about his goal, he takes such steps.

Mental exhaustion can also be a reason

senior psychiatrist Dr. Arun Singh According to, the Prime Minister of New Zealand would not have taken such a decision suddenly. There will be a long planning behind this. When she was satisfied with her work and felt that the time had come to do something else in life, she must have made up her mind to resign. Another aspect of this can also be that now she is mentally tired and wants to make way for another person. Because many times the person who has reached a big position also gets under a lot of stress. In such a situation, he wants to leave his work. It is possible that he has said that he will not have the power to work.

Such decisions are taken even after increasing interest in other works

Dr. Om Prakash explains that when someone is completely satisfied with his work, then he wants to move on to another path of life. After satisfaction, people think of leaving their work and wise people want to take this decision only at the time of good times. The resignation of the Prime Minister of New Zealand shows that she is a woman with a positive mental attitude.

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