National Milk Chocolate Day 2022: Know the history of Milk Chocolate Day, in this way it is also beneficial for health

Chocolate is such a food item, which can be used to freshen everyone’s mood by testing it. mostly people dark chocolate Likes to eat and make things out of it. It has been revealed in many research that chocolate works to reduce stress. People consume it not only as a bar of chocolate, but also in other ways. This includes the name of Hawk Chocolate, Candy and other methods. By the way, people also like milk chocolate very much. here we you National Milk Chocolate Day I am going to tell you the history of. Apart from this, it will also tell you how it is beneficial for health and what are its side effects. Learn…

History of National Milk Chocolate Day

It is believed that the name of the founder of milk chocolate was Daniel Peter and he was born in Switzerland in the year 1836. There is a story associated with milk chocolate. According to reports, Nestle used to make milk powder at that time and Peter’s friend advised him to mix milk in chocolate and sell it. They thought that if they want to survive in the chocolate market, then something new has to be thought of. It is said that he started it. Although it is not known that Milk Chocolate Day was started on 28 July itself, but it is said that this day was started by the Confessors Association.

Know its health benefits

Eating chocolate in excess can lead to cavities and stomach related problems, but milk chocolate has some health benefits as well. According to experts, it contains many antioxidants, which are good for health. Actually, its chocolate is made from the cocoa plant. Its antioxidants protect us from physical and mental damage. Due to the combination of cocoa and milk, it is considered very beneficial for health. Apart from this, it can also fulfill the deficiency of micronutrients in the body. It contains calcium and to some extent can also supply zinc, vitamins A and K.

its side effects

Even though milk chocolate is made from milk and cocoa, the sugar added to it is harmful to the body. Once people eat it, they cannot stop themselves. Sugar cravings increase and in this case bad cholesterol can increase. Apart from this, due to high calories, there can also be a complaint of weight gain.

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