National Heart Transplant Day 2022: Why it is important to take regular check-ups and medicines even after heart surgery

Worldwide Heart diseases The number of patients is increasing rapidly. covid pandemic After this, there has been a significant increase in the patients of this disease. for the treatment of heart diseases heart transplant There is one last option. This is a medical procedure in which the damaged heart of the patient is replaced by a healthy heart of a donor through surgery. It is generally recommended by doctors in very severe cases when other treatments have not proved useful.

According to an estimate, in the year 2016, 1.9 million people died of heart diseases (CVDs), which accounts for 31 percent of deaths from any cause worldwide. Of these, 85 percent died due to heart attack and stroke.

High blood pressure is the main reason

According to the World Health Organization, more than 75 percent of CVD deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries where high blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease. According to 2016 data, CVDs accounted for 45 percent of deaths in the country’s 40-69 year age group.

On National Heart Transplant Day, Dr Monique Mehta, Senior Consultant (Col), Department of Cardiology, Manipal Hospital, Gurugram, spoke about the post-treatment measures.

End-stage heart failure is a disease in which the heart muscle fails severely in its attempt to pump blood through the body. This means that other treatments are no longer working. End-stage heart failure is the final stage of heart disease. Despite its name, heart failure does not mean that the heart stops beating. The word ‘failure’ here means that the heart muscle is not able to pump blood normally because it is damaged or too weak or both.

What are the measures after heart transplant?

Dr Mehta said, ‘Usually the patient starts leading a normal life, but some such things are included in his routine, which are mandatory to follow. These are some of the main ones.

1. Regular follow-up appointments: After heart transplant, one should not miss to consult a doctor regularly.

2. Taking medicines everyday: After heart transplant, many medicines are given to the patient. To be healthy it is important not to forget to take these medicines.

3. Balanced Diet: Good nutrition is an important part of healing. You will need to have a diet that is low in salt and fat, but that includes a variety of healthy foods to help you heal.

4. Avoid these things: Heart transplant patients give their consent to avoid illegal drugs other than tobacco and limit alcohol.

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