Monkeypox vs Smallpox: Even if you are not making the mistake of considering monkeypox and smallpox as a disease, know the difference between them!

these days after corona monkeypox ,Monkeypox) is spreading its legs rapidly. So far 20 cases of monkeypox have been reported in the UK. Apart from this, cases have also been reported in Belgium, Portugal, Space, France, America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden. Usually the symptoms of monkeypox seem to be similar to smallpox, so people consider them as one disease. But in reality these two problems are completely different from each other. If you are also making the mistake of considering them as the same disease, then know here the difference between them.

difference between monkeypox and smallpox

According to experts, the similarity between monkeypox and smallpox is that both cause flu, fever, headache and rash or blisters on the body. But the main difference between them is that monkeypox increases the glands present in the body. The symptoms of monkeypox are much milder than that of smallpox and the mortality rate due to it is about one percent. Apart from this, monkeypox can be spread by bites, scratches, contact with animal blood, wounds or fluids such as monkeys and squirrels. Apart from this, it can also spread by coming in contact with an infected person. But smallpox does not spread through animals, it spreads through contact with infected people.

symptoms of monkeypox

Fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills, tiredness, symptoms of pneumonia, red rash or blisters, and flu, etc.

Symptoms of Smallpox

Fever, restlessness, headache, severe tiredness, severe back pain, red rash or blisters, and vomiting, etc.

Will monkeypox become an epidemic like Kovid?

According to Fabian Leandertz, a researcher at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, the monkeypox virus does not spread as easily as SARS-CoV-2, so it will not develop into an epidemic like Kovid. But the symptoms of monkeypox and smallpox are so similar, that the common man cannot differentiate by looking at them. So there is a need to be alert. If you see the mentioned symptoms, contact the specialist immediately. So that the problem can be prevented from becoming serious and other members can also be saved from falling prey to it. There is no cure for both monkeypox and smallpox, but a smallpox vaccine may provide protection against monkeypox. Avoid coming in contact with infected person. Apart from this, avoid going near animals. Wash hands properly after touching them.

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