Monkeypox: Now this virus is spreading from humans to animals, scientists are also surprised

Worldwide monkeypox virus Cases are increasing rapidly. So far, more than 35 thousand cases of this virus have been reported in more than 90 countries. Till now this virus was spreading from animals to humans and from humans to each other through close contact.
Now in the meantime a case has come to the fore, where this transmission of virus This has happened in a dog. This case has been registered in Paris, the capital of France, where the virus is now spreading from human to animal. This is the first case so far where the virus has spread in this way.

Scientists are also surprised about this. Because such a case had not come up in the more than 60 years of Monkeypox’s history. This report has been published in the medical journal The Lancet. After this case, people’s concern about animals has also increased.

how the virus spread

Rashes and sores were visible on the skin of the infected dog. After this, when the investigation was done, it was found that the dog has monkeypox virus. 12 days before this, the owner of the pet also showed signs of monkeypox. He had fever, headache and blisters. When the animals also started having all these problems, then their test was done.

In such a situation, it is feared that this virus can spread from infected dog to other animals as well. Scientists say that this virus has spread to the animal due to contact with an infected person, but what is its route of transmission. Research will have to be done on this. But this type of case is a cause for concern. In such a situation, animals will also have to be protected from the virus. It also has to be seen that how this virus is showing symptoms in animals and whether there is a danger from it.

Monkeypox vaccine is not 100% effective

Meanwhile, WHO has issued a statement regarding the monkeypox vaccine. The World Health Organization has said that the monkeypox vaccine is not 100% effective. In such a situation, it is necessary for people to protect against this virus. There is a need to be aware of the symptoms of monkeypox. So far, most cases of monkeypox have come in Europe and America. Most of the infected with this virus are gay men. The cases of monkeypox have increased rapidly since May. The World Health Organization has declared this disease a public health emergency.

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